Saturday, 19 April 2014

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Friday, 7 March 2014

Ultimate Guide to Bench Press Effectively

Bench press is certainly the most common exercise that is being worked out at the gyms and many people don’t do it effectively and some are unaware of its important techniques during workouts.

So I am here to provide you with some effective that helps you increase your bench workouts now.

Gripping the Bar Rightly:

The beginning point of any bench rep starts with the grip over the bar. If your grip is wider and use chest to expend and push the energy outwards, or too narrow triceps and push the energy inwards, you will be doing it wrong. The perfect grip is to incorporate both the muscle groups but, favoring at the point where you feel stronger and giving all the power to make it straight up.

Few tips:
  • First start with no weight
  • Later lie on the bench and hold the bar
  • Lower the bar down on to your chest near to the sternum
  • Adjust your hands and the positions until the forearms are close enough
  • Get help from the trainer if you need some support

Positioning of the Bench:

Now it’s the time to add some weights to your bar. Again, lie on the bench, by having the strut not too closer or far away and make sure it is placed at the right position.

Plan to place your foot on the floor firmly and bend your keens approximately to some 80 degrees. Keep your feet flat on the floor so that you can feel stable. Some bench press athletes who curve up their tip toes while working out, however, I advise you to hold on the way whichever keeps you stable.

Body Locking: 
  • Keep the bar into the struts and raise your glute and get up.
  • Squeeze and massage your shoulders together and give a long breath out.
  • Get back your shoulder back to the bench and lock into the position.
  • Lower your bum back on to the bench and compress your glutes.

I hope you will now know to keep your body tight throughout the body and feel locked while doing workouts as it gives you a secure feeling!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Foam Roller to Soothe your Body Effectively

Are you over conscious about health? Do you want to try new exercises but, afraid of the side-effects? Here is a safe health tip for you! With these insights you will be staying fit, strong and healthy. 

Foam rollers are one of the means of high density foams, which is now built using polyurethane as it is found to have huge health benefits in keeping oneself good in shape. It is mainly used for self-myofascial release and offer excellent massage by relaxing your muscles.

It has so many benefits like breaking up your triggering points, increasing the blood flow, soothing the tight tissues (fascia), etc.

How to use it?
Using an iso-solid foam roller is simple as its working out some major parts of your body, which require lots of practice.
  • Find an open area of your body.
  • Position it on the top of the roller.
  • Your body will create pressure that is needed to massage your tissues.
  • It also releases the tight spots.
  • You can control your pressure by applying weight according to the regions of your body.
  • Fascia which is called as the soft connective tissue that is located beneath your skin will wrap and connect the roller with your muscles, nerves, bones and blood vessels.
Other Common Benefits:
  • Increases your stamina.
  • Provides stable blood circulation.
  • Makes your skin, muscles and body look good in shape.
  • Enhances your physique.
  • Helps in soothing the stiff tissues in the back bone and spinal cord.
  • Make muscle more flexible which in turn reduces injuries during athletic workouts.
  • Proper use of this accessory will help in eradicating in improper blood circulation.
Note: It is advised to consult your physician to know exactly what kind of foam rollers will suit you’re the most. Give importance to check over its thickness/softness that help to make your body more flexible.

Friday, 31 January 2014

Top Benefits of using Resistance Bands for Your Fitness Campaign

Resistance bands are a great tool for exercising at home as it provides the perfect level of resistance to your body. They can be easily carried everywhere while travelling and its value and efforts will be immortal.
Let’s look out the most common benefits that can be achieved with simple exercise bands:

Multiple Fitness Levels:
Usually these bands come in different resistance levels usually in the variation of light, medium and heavy. The amount of resistance can be adjusted according to the resistance levels of individual people. Multiple bands can also be added with one another to increase the challenge of the workout.

Cost-effective Effort:
It is very cost-effective either you buy it as single or a set; they are very inexpensive and almost is equal to a skipping rope. If you use this in addition with your home fitness equipment then you can easily achieve your dream shape very soon than you think!

Whole Body Exercise:
DVDs and Kits come with these resistance bands and with that suggested exercise you can give a boost to the majority of muscles in your body. Many exercises are possible with these bands and it can be endless with this accessory and once you stick to it, you can discover many positions and postures for a better workout.

Adds variety to your workouts:
If you keep on doing it as a routine, overtime, your muscles get adapted to it. It is a very great idea to mix up free weights and cross training with your band exercise. You also take your workout to the next level by combining it with machines and equipments while on the go. Each and every exercise you do will make up your muscles in different way.

Effective and Long lasting Results:
Mix up your band exercise with free weights as it is very much effective when both are combined together! Using the wrist weights may feel difficult at the beginning, but as you keep doing your muscles will be capable to withstand it.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Incredible Benefits of Inversion Table, Say bye-bye to Back Pain

Inversion Tables are the best equipment to deal with back pain. It is used in a way to hand upside down which in turn results staying in anti-gravity. This provides inversion therapy that is very well helpful in relieving back and muscle pains. It comes in many varieties and it can foldable and extended whenever required.

What are the exercises done with inversion table?
  • Crunches
  • Sit-ups
  • Lumber stretch
  • Stretching legs

 Multiple benefits of Inversion therapy:
Hanging upside-down provides a wonderful relief to the back as well as some more benefits. Following are few additional benefits:

Joint Pain Relief:
Inversion therapy helps in boosting all the major joints in the body. The ligaments and the tendons in the body will be stretched and strengthen by handing as it opens up the joints, which cannot be provided by any other equipment.

Neck Pain Relief:
As the spine is stretched, it also relaxes the neck and shoulder muscles that help in relieving the sprain on the upper body around the neck region. This is very effective for the people who work in the systems since they are hooked with computer all the day.

Muscle Relief:
The inversion therapy also provides good stretching for the muscles in the hips, back and cramps. It is best for the people who feel difficult in touching their toes, as it helps in building the muscles stronger. It also gains flexibility and relaxation. Swelling relief is another reason for using inversion table as it provides a better circulation of blood resulting in reducing the inflammation. In order to reduce swelling using a bit of ice and inverting is really the helpful in healing faster.

Posture and Joint Improvement:
Inversion therapy not only helps in back relief, but also in providing better posture and poise to the back. Hanging upside down will stretch out the vertebrae to place it back to the original position. It also benefits the other joints as well allowing greater healing with blood circulation. The lower body is highly benefited because of the blood circulation.

Inversion therapy is not always successful for all kind of people. It is strongly suggested to consult a physician before using it. It may be harmful for the people with high blood pressure and pregnant ladies need to avoid it highly.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Effectiveness of Gym Ball for Fitness

An exercise ball is made up of soft elastic having a diameter of 35 to 85 centimeters filled with air. It is somewhat like a big bouncy ball used for a physical therapy and it can be called in many ways such as Swiss balls, Birth ball, Body ball, Fitness ball, and Therapy ball, etc. Gym balls come in different sizes according to the body size of the user. Exercising with this ball makes the body to remain balanced in the air pressure which makes us to do exercise comfortably.

List of exercises that can be done with it:
  • Trunk extension
  • Core crunches
  • Basic crunches
  • Elevated pushups
  • Bent knee bridge

Benefits of using gym ball:

Ø  Improves your flexibility:
The exercise ball is used with yoga or exercise program. It’s also used for the physical therapy and it requires doctor’s suggestion before setting to workout.

Ø  Common uses:
A simple workout with this will help you improve the muscle tone and body balance. During the Fitness Workouts it is really comfortable as they are light in weight and heavily durable. It is also available with many colors that attract the users.

Ø  Improving the balance:
Training that is acquired with this anti-burst gym ball in the right manner will improve your posture and shape. Doing exercise regularly with this accessory will improve the core alignment, flexibility and coordination.


Ø  Strengthen the muscles:
Using it properly will help in strengthening your overall muscles and especially the lower back muscles so that we can keep our stabilization in proper condition. Mainly it is used to balance any weight – bearing muscles.

Additional exercise that can be done with this ball:
  • Chest fly
  • Oblique twist
  • Squat against the wall

Ways to use it:
  • Correct size should be selected
  • Exercise should be done in the exact place
  • Brace the ball with little pillows before doing exercise
  • Feet should be flat while sitting on the ball

Some people are very much interested in doing exercise with the exercise ball as it will make them more fit and healthy! Try to buy a quality ball that is very much standardized for perfect exercises.